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Top 10 softwares to manage a distributed team

Top 10 softwares to manage a distributed team

By Yann Kronberg

06 Dec 2015

When we founded Zazmic we were working simultaneously in China, Spain, Ukraine and Silicon Valley. Communication efficiency and maximizing the throughput for our distributed team members were among our first challenges.

We settled on two top-10 platforms that allowed us to best deliver so many projects for our great clients.

Check out the process which led to our preferred two platforms!

#10 ProofHub:

ProofHub is a stylish yet simplified project management tool with a lot of built-in features and control.

Its principal features include: enabling users to define and assign tasks, group and  private chatting, keeping logs of all your data and making it easily searchable.

Hello, Zazmic! Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Hello, Zazmic! Welcome to Silicon Valley.

By Yann Kronberg

08 Sep 2012

Hello, Zazmic!
Let us introduce you to the world.

We, Tristan Peirotes and Yann Kronberg, cofounded Zazmic in 2012.
Three years ago, one developer, one designer and  started our first project in the attic of my San Francisco house.These initial baby steps held our interest and we went on to build a platform that was a kind of Airbnb for boats. We never looked back.Three years later, we have  25+ projects of varying sizes,from real time financial trading to location based messaging apps but we aren’t all serious all the time.Recently, we launched an Apple TV app because our friend wanted an easy way for kids to learn and share art masterpieces. We stumbled through it, learnt a lot and became experts.